HUGE Bristtle worm

OK - we always talk about the weird stuff you find in your tank at night. I’ve certainly found my share, however tonight takes the cake. My wife got so grossed out she couldn’t even look at it.

This is absolutely the largest, fattest, longest bristle worm I have ever seen in person. It’s got to be 8 inches easy.

Please tell me this IS a bristle worm right? I didn’t know they got this big.

OK, so now I can’t stop watching it crawl around the tank. Here’s some more pics

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LMAO - Nope. This thing is trying to climb out of the tank all by itself. If the wife sees this shell never get to sleep.

Holy shit thats crazy! We just went down and looked at the tank before reading this thread. We saw a maybe 3" long bristle and thought it was huge, then we come up and see this! That thing is ridiculous, you better keep an eye on that thing lol

Nice photos. Glad you grabbed the camera.

Some scientific study is out there some where that says bristle worms poop is the perfect coral food. That thing is a coral feeding machine!

I’ve run across 3-4 of them like that. One of them I got in a rock from a friend that I swore was 11-12". I would never EVER would show my gf though. The little bristle worms gross her out enough.

Bellamy made a post a while ago about a much larger one he had seen a while ago at an LFS.

WOW, thats a beast. At first glance it looks like a normal bristle worm, but if you are worried take the sucker out. It will always be replaced (the things breed like crazy) and that way you sleep better. There are some that will feed on corals, although they are VERY rare. Never hurts to be safe with the big ones though.

P.S. It sounds like niagra falls in there.

We saw HUGE ones (bigger & fatter than that) at the camden aquarium where they have the clowns and anenomes.

P.S. If anyone does find an enucid worm (black, ugly and eats corals) dont kill it. I may actually want to keep it in a species tank. Same goes for mantis shirmp.

Damn it, beat me to it! After you get one mantis I get the second one! :stuck_out_tongue: You can keep the worms, but I’d like to get a photo of it. I’ve brough home TONS of hitchikers from the store.

I missed the video. It does look smaller then the ones I had. For sure not showing the GF that.

Did you ever show you’re wife the video of the isopod in my frog fish? (I miss Segar :frowning: )

Well, just pick it up with your fingers. and if it sticks a zillion bristles in your fingers, like fur, wellllll, it may not be a good one. I had a couple 6-8 inch long ones once in a 15 tall tank. hid in the rick. but they would come out and eat the round globes off my red grape macro algae. swallow the round globe leaves whole, one at a time. amazing to watch.

The guy from Oregon Reef had a 6’ worm.

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[quote=“icy1155, post:7, topic:845”]
WOW, thats a beast. At first glance it looks like a normal bristle worm, but if you are worried take the sucker out.
P.S. It sounds like niagra falls in there.[/quote]

So far I’m not too worried about it, but am wondering if this is why I seem to have trouble keeping zoos alive in my tank. I’m going to try to catch him tonight to move him to the fuge a for a little while both to see what he can do to clean it, and to see if the zoos will grow out more,

Sorry about the sound, the microphone on that camera is ridiculous and I had the closet door (which was right beside me) open which is where the skimmer and all that fun stuff is at.

any of your zoa from dr macs? me and jen have had a huge prob with lil nudibranks less than one cm. clear or orange in color ( think they get there color form what they are eating). thay have been a real pain. been sucking them out with a turkey baster and fw diping are frags and scrubing with a soft tooth brush ( on advice form icy he helped id the problem). its helping the zoa open up in a few hr or by the next day after the dip. we adressed are problem with dr mac and got a sorry about your luck. so good l.uck let me know if u find any

No, none from Dr. Mac. I’ve never seen a nudis in my tank, some of my colonies are just fine, but I have a few that never seem to open or grow, One colony appears to be declining in number of polyps, but nothing drastic.

sounds like what we had goin on the ones getin munched on look pissed or closed and every thing else looks fine. they are super hard to spot one or 2 mm ruffled and the color of what they are eating they look like the skirt of the zoa they are on. best way to spot them is if some on the un happy ones look like there closed with some skirt hanging out. thats prob one

I’m still wondering if some of my Zoos have nudis on them, they all seem to open fine, but there are some things on them/on the rocks that I am wondering if they are nudis/nudi eggs. Can nudis attack the zoos, but they look fine? (all/most all opening?)

Hey guys! long time no see! Been swamped with school and life.
Had to comment on the worm, though! That thing is enormous!!! (and i have seen a lot of worms, let me till you…wait…nevermind)
I actually had a similar question-I have one of thsoe worms, but he is in brown and orange segments. Is he bad? I have no idea how long he is, maybe 3-4 inches? He never comes all the way out. And I am not willing to get stuck trying to get him out.

should I try to remove him?

[quote=“martinfaimly, post:3, topic:845”]
ok for this you will need to purchase the MARTIN WORM TRAP and if you order today…only 19.95[/quote]