January Meeting **RESCHEDULED**

Please take note the new date for January meeting!!!
It will still be at William Penn HS.

Hope to see everyone!! PoM

February 1, 2016
7 PM
William Penn H.S.
713 E. Basin RD
New Castle, DE

Presentation given by Bill (vp): Par meter

Golden Ticket Prize: Finnex 300 watt Titanium heater with controller

Frags donated by DPA

There will be food! So come hungry!!! Come enjoy time with friends and fellow hobbyist. If you havent attended a meeting yet please do so and meet some new friends!! A lot of great experienced members!!!

Hope to see everyone there!

Sounds good! I can donate a couple frags for the raffle tank.

Who is Bill Parmeter? Is that Bill #1 or Bill #2 ?

That would be our VP. He will be doing a presentation on the use of a par meter!!

Cool, let me know if you need anything. I can pick up food, ice, drinks, etc.

Oh, That Bill! Good!

I think we need to make some sort of little selfie type pole to hold the light sensor in the water. everyone has said it was hard to get good readings while holding it by hand. cant reach all the corners and stuff and keep it pointed straight up. maybe another one of those window blind rods with an elbow piece on the bottom to rubber band the sensor to.

Updated the meeting info!

Frags will be donated by DPA!!!

If anyone is interested in calibrating their refractometer, let me know and I will bring my calibration fluid to the meeting.

[quote=“bnelson, post:8, topic:2085”]
If anyone is interested in calibrating their refractometer, let me know and I will bring my calibration fluid to the meeting.[/quote]

Thanks Bryant!!!

Going to do something a little different this month with the golden ticket prize. There will be choices!! Instead of having one thing for the raffle I will have several to choose from. Only one item will be raffled off though.

If you are the golden ticket prize winner your choices will be:

Finnex 300 watt titanium heater with controller
bucket of IO salt
Hydor Koralia Evolution wave pump 1500
$40 gift certificate to Premium Aquatics. (this would be the online Premium Aquatics not DE Premium Aquatics).

The winner gets to choose one!

Cant wait for the meeting!

Meeting is canceled*****

Colonial school district is closed tomorrow.

Dang it :-?

I wanted those GT prizes!

Need to change heading. Also, should we reschedule?

yes I was going to look into rescheduling.

I am not against still having the meeting tomorrow night. We just need a place to have it. I can use the conference room at Jeremy’s shop in Smyrna. This would all depend on what the roads look like and if anyone is willing/wanting to travel to Smyrna. Unless there are any other suggestions??

What do the roads look like in New Castle county?

Dang! How did you find out school was cancelled? I just looked on both the school and district websites and couldn’t find any notification.

The main roads seem clear. but my neighborhood only had one quick pass with a plow, one lane . the development we connect with had none. thats probably why they closed the school. The buses have to go through all the developments and country roads to pick up. would probably get a lot of them stuck.

Oh, I see where you found the notice. .  I just called their main school number with the recorded message.  all schools closed Monday.   

Oh Well.

The meeting will be rescheduled for next Monday February 1st. Location TBD.

I can do Feb 1!

PoM Meeting has been rescheduled for February 1, 2016 7 pm at William Penn HS PoM

Yes! PBJ! YahoO PBJ!