Kenya trees and pink anthelia

I need to make some space in my reef and get some money for some new fish coming in for my FO tank. I have way too much pink anthelia (moliken’s clowns host in this, mine do not though) and kenya trees. Those will go first. I will probably frag my big finger leather, maybe some GSP, shrooms if interested, still considering the frogspawn, I know there was a lot of interest in that, but I like that coral :slight_smile:

Heres a pic, you can see the anthelia on the top and the kenya trees on the left side. I also have my refugium overloaded with kenya trees, so they really got to go.

Price depends on size of the frag/colony, well say…
$5-15 for kenya trees from a frag to a decent size colony
$10-25 for pink anthelia from a fragon to decent size colony as well

If there is any interest in the large finger leather, I can frag that as well, say a 2" or so frag for $10. I will still think about the frogspawn, I am thinking of making 3 frags of 1-2 heads, $20 each, but still unsure, don’t want to let that coral go!

if you do frogspawn, i’m firston the list.
and the anthelia, for those who want some, is just lovely!!

Thanks. I will let you know about the frogspawn. I have to figure out a way to cut through the skeleton, my dremel broke.

Hey! I already called first in the other thread >.<

and i have seconds! no cuts no butts. use a wire cutter or tinn snips. are u still going to use that compact ficture? i could bring over some of my tool when i pick up the light, if still avaible. could u use a hammer and screw driver?

yeah, i do remember that. sorry, i hust wasn’t sure whose thread it was. >LOCO< i’m third in line, 4th??

I have in this order for frogspawn (if I decide to frag)


The frags are going to be one head/splitting 2 heads, and would be $20 each. I don’t know if tin snips or similar would do the trick through the hard coral skeleton. I have seen LPS fragged before, but only with a dremel, cutting through the skeleton, it was tough stuff!

Brett, I have that light, but I got a brand new bulb for it ($30) its a 50/50. Still interested? I was selling the light for $20, the bulb costed me $30, so I could do $40 for it. The bulb is still in the box, never opened. I was considering keeping it for a frag tank, but right now, getting my new fish and the FO tank is most important. Not to mention the girlfriends bday is coming up and I plan to take her sky diving, thats $400!!!

Is there any interest in kenya or anthelia??? I would like to move that stuff out! It is taking over!

I was at DPA and andy snipped right through the skeleton of a hammer coral to frag it… Im not sure if it is any dif from a frog spawn though.

What did he use to cut it?

anything really. if it is thin enough, a pair of dykes will work. it’s really pretty brittle. def. not as hard as i thought it was.

prolly a pair of scissors and a little workin it would get through

i have bulbs ready to go. could u return the new one? the wire cutter thing cut threw a candy cane and always cuts threw rock.

I have a few things I could try and cut it with. Luckily, its pretty small, the one hammer I saw cut with a dremel was HUGE, so it probably needed it. Brett, I can’t return the bulb, its not allowed by the store (TPP). So looks as if I will just keep it then, since I have no need for a new bulb.

I am going to try and frag one piece of my frogspawn, hopefully get 3 or maybe 4 (pushing it) heads outta it. I would love to meet everyone at once, say DPA or wherever works for everyone at the same time, so I can get rid of the frags all at once.

Need to move this kenya and anthelia out though! Anyone?

I sol my kenya and anthelia to dpa and andy used those snipper things for coral fragging lol I know that doesnt help but I can meet you whatever time is best for you at dpa

Hopefully I will have time to attempt to frag them tomorrow. I’m working Friday/Saturday so if all goes well, I should be able to meet up sometime Sunday I guess at DPS? Everyone ok with that? I’d rather meet once for all 3 frags.

cool with me

fishguy, from the other thread, seems you are 4th in line. I might only have 3 frags, I will try to make 4 though. I would like to meet everyone Sunday somewhere (say DPA, although I feel weird, like I am taking their business or something) that way it is easiest on me, and hopefully cuts down the drive for some of you.

Should be able to frag the coral today, each frag should have 1 good head and another growing off it, won’t know exactly until I frag it. Would like $20 each frag. I will keep everyone updated on how it goes today with the fragging, let me know about Sunday and what time would work for everyone? Thanks!

Sorry everyone, but I looked into fragging the frogspawn and do not feel comfortable doing it. There are tons of little mini heads growing around each head and if I were to frag the head, it could damage the others and I just don’t want to do that, take a risk in losing the other new heads, not worth it. I have 3 seperate pieces, but the smallest one has 3-4 big heads on it with 3-4 little heads as well, and I am not trying to leave anyone out. The only way I would have sold them is if I could have given everyone a frag, sorry everyone, just don’t feel safe fragging it.

it cool. i wouldnt worry about it too much. in a few months or less all those little heads will be alot larger. i hope they grow big enough to where u feel comfertable.

Yeah, I just don’t feel right fragging it without damaging any of the new heads. I will have some frags of it eventually, so I won’t forget about everyone. Sucks, because I could use the money right now! Oh well!