Meeting / food / raffle ideas

Well our new meeting year kicks off next month and we wanted to reach out to you guys (and girls) to see what types of things you’d like to have this year.

We’re looking for suggestions on:
Food choices
Raffle prizes
Golden ticket prizes

This is your club and we want to make sure you’re getting everything out of it you want/expect.

What can we do to make this year better than last?

How about a presentation on breeding and raising the fry of clownfish?
Would love to see round 2 of DRC Fragswap.
For golden ticket maybe we could get some pico tank’s, led light strips,

First off, I hope I’m not in the wrong by saying this. People who attend or member of the club needs to participate in purchasing raffle tickets and pay their member dues. From what I understand every time I attend these meetings, the money that we put in will also help pay for the food and raffle prizes. So, if we would like to have good food (thanks Ken) and nice prizes, we also need to donate. I know I do my share. Love to see lots of people at our meetings, it a fun time.

By the way, +1 on the frag swap and don’t mind the food that’s provided.

Can’t wait for the frag swap. I suspect some don’t participate in the raffle due to maybe some can’t care for the livestock or don’t need what the product is. I did buy a lot last year and it’s great to win. Maybe the prizes could includ the stuff we all use like gfo carbon salt. Ro filters etc

How about gift cards to DPA for a raffle prize?? GFO, carbon, and salt would be good too.

Gold ticket could be a media reactor(GFO, carbon, biopellets), bucket of salt, or bigger gift card.

The food has been really good, keep it up.

realizing i am no longer involved in keeping tanks, i thought maybe i could offer a choice that’s off the wall for a raffle and one that involves only time on an member’s part. a couple dollar raffle for new members only that has as a prize a personal consultation/evaluation by one of the club’s knowledgeable people/experts. the winner gets an hour of in-home advice, talk, and suggestions. it’d have the potential to be a benefit for a new member, not a real moneymaker, and can help someone just starting out. better than just a q/a at a meeting.

I like that one Paul!

I liked the Red sea test kit that was raffled off last spring. Think it was a combo test kit. I’d love to get one of the color pro test kits.

How about doing a member meeting about using a camera to take pics of your tank and/or corals. We could use different cameras and take some pics of frags up for raffle and D/L them onto a laptop right there and project them on the wall instantly to see the difference.

man john you are one fart smeller or smart feller thats a great idea

Tank of the month or photo of the month

I really enjoy tank tours and guest speakers

[quote=“Hudzon, post:12, topic:5718”]
I really enjoy tank tours and guest speakers[/quote]

me too frank… last time a started a thread about that for volunteers, or ideas i got a big ol 0 replies

a quick 10 min… or more tank tour would be great at every meeting, but i can understand if people dont have the time to put it together, or want to get up in front of everyone. pm me if anyone has interest, or needs help or anything…

Maybe if nobody is volunteering for a tank tour a particular month… i could setup a slide show of pics and posts from the drc site… like 5 minutes of “whats goin on this month”… just a thought ::thinking::

Yup, tank o the month tours are always popular. Most of you geeky guys all have cameras and cell phones and stuff so you can do one yourself. I had to clear a path for John to take some great pics and make my tank look good. We did have a slide show going each month for a while. nothing wrong with volunteers.

Just wanted to give this a :BUMP)

1st meeting is a week from today, just trying to figure out some “content” to have ::thinking::

anyone for presenting a tank tour… diy presentation… anything?

What about testing that salt hand out a cup or two to someone using rc already. Or some to ken

I still have 3 more 200 gallon boxes of RC. and 4 more of Kent reef salt to go. Im good.

Lets see. I will bring the fixings for DIY Hoagies. and probably Entemanns cookies or donuts, depending on what they have at the store monday. I’ll restock my bag of plates, forks, napkins and cups…

Whose got the sodas, Chips and anything else/ a jug of tater salad or coleslaw?

I could make a couple frags for the raffle. Anyone else got some extras?

Bill, do you still have the frag tank? who’s bringing the salt water?

I’ll spare the frags from my water… verdict_in

[quote=“dunk, post:16, topic:5718”]
What about testing that salt hand out a cup or two to someone using rc already. Or some to ken[/quote]

I’ll bring it ::thumbsup::

[quote=“kaptken, post:17, topic:5718”]
Whose got the sodas, Chips and anything else/ a jug of tater salad or coleslaw?

I could make a couple frags for the raffle. Anyone else got some extras?[/quote]

I can get sodas and ice :BEER. I may also have a frag or 2 for the raffle :TWOCENTS. John, I’m also working on a slide show for the tank tour ::thumbsup::.