My nano/clown themed tank

Well I built a small 10 gallon tank. The reason for the new tank was to house a single pair of clowns, and possibly some interesting inverts, perhaps an anemone. I basically had everything laying around to use so it didnt cost me much money which is a plus.

Filtration will consist of a power head, a hob filter and macro algae and mangroves.

Here is a picture I took, tank is 2 days old.
I used some rock/water and sand from my main system.

10gal by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

10gal2 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

::thumbsup:: some mini-maxi anemones would look cool in that little tank. clowns wont be hosted by them that i know of though… what kind were you thinking?

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::thumbsup:: some mini-maxi anemones would look cool in that little tank. clowns wont be hosted by them that i know of though… what kind were you thinking?[/quote]

A platinum and a semi perc :slight_smile:

Update: I added some mangrove pods from a local source, they are not showing roots yet. I snapped a few photos. They are currently floating in styrofoam until the develop roots and take hold for themselves.

IMG_1294 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_1291 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_1289 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_1288 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

Picked up my clowns today, they look awesome and are starting to settle into their new home!

The second update, picked up my clown babies tonight, they are around 130 days old and eating frozen mysis and brine. After acclimating them they seem happy, but are hanging in the back of the tank making picture taking tough, the platinum is going to be awesome looking, lots of black on his fins.

I will add more pictures if they start to move closer to the front of the tank.

IMG_1293 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_2727 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_2741 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_2740 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_2737 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

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IMG_2732 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_2716 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_2715 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

Wow what awesome fish, they look great. I’m sure they’ll be happy in the new home! ::thumbsup::

Love the fish where did you pick themup at?

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Love the fish where did you pick themup at?[/quote]

Thanks, They are my new favorites.
I picked them up from a local breeder.

They’re very nice ::thumbsup::

local breeding of some cool clowns… gotta love that!

Well here is a video of my little guys after 8 days in their new tank, I was a little worried I would have an ammonia spike since I added 2 fish at once but I did a few 1 gallon water changes and nitrite and ammonia are both zero.

They look good ::thumbsup:: and thats a nice looking little tank GolfC

Thank you very much, cant wait until it becomes established and filled with lots of life.

Awesome video!

Those clowns look… familiar. lOl

Keep doing the video updates. I’m really looking forward to seeing their development over the next few months.

Here is one I took today, I turned the pumps off and shot the video from the top down. They are starting to seem much more comfortable in the tank.

Awesome. Don’t be afraid to feed them a little more. They’ll pack on the weight.

Another update, so after 11 days I noticed the roots are starting to grow, I am really hoping to successfully keep mangroves so this is a great sight. It is a very slow process so I figure I will document and share with everyone.

IMG_2950 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

IMG_2938 by DMITCHELL1985, on Flickr

i have tons of roots, no leaves at 3 months. spraying the stalks w/ro water. nothing

Yeah I have heard it is a very long process, or your water might be too clean. I tried this in my reef about 8 months ago and could not even get roots, so It is prolly hit or miss. I think that they look cool and if I can get a cool root structure going under water then it might be fun to look at.

I added a harlequin shrimp today, here are 2 videos I took, the 2nd is really neat.

Oh yeah, the roots are growing really fast, I will take pictures when I get time.

Are you planning feeding chocolate chip stars to the harlequin shrimp?

My 90 gallon was overrun with asterina stars. The population was easily into the thousands. I bought a harlequin shrimp and he ate every single starfish within 2 months. These things are incredible at what they do. Your shrimp will eat every asterina star in a tank that size within a week.