new addition to my tank

so i just added my second fish tonight got a nice powder brown tang at fb its beatiful i was gonna go with a blue hippo tang but this one looked too good to pass up. ill get pics up hopefully tomorrow light are off in the tank and its hiding alot since it was just added. it doesnt like my wife either everytime she looks at the tank he shoots into the rocks and hides again its pretty funny she can even be across the room and look over and he’ll do it


Powder brown’s are nice animals. I was working on a tank earlier today that has one. I assume you have plenty of greens to offer it? I like TLF Sea Veggies, especially the green and purple.

trying to get pics up but his is being very uncooperative and hides everytime i get the camera out

Beautiful fish. I love PBTs. Wish my purple tang would let me keep one.

This may be a stupid question and I probably look like an idiot right now, but are there only certain types of greens you can feed them? for example, can i take a small piece of lettuce and leave it for them or does it need to be seaweed? Also, I saw the packaged seaweed that looks overpriced, but exactly like the seaweed one can obtain from the asian market for about $.99. Anyone know if there’s a difference? Just for future reference.

They will eat just about anything green. Iceberg lettuce & romain letuce are perdfectly acceptable treats. The packaged seaweed is expensive and exactly the same thing you find at the asian market. Just be sure to get the untreated, unflavored nori.

There’s a huge difference between the 10 sheets for $9 you get at the lFS and the 100 sheets you get for $1 at the market … quantity.

that’s what i figured. it makes me sad when businesses take advantage of unknowing customers. thank goodness for the DRC ::thumbsup::

We live in the Middletown area, where is one of these Asian markets close by??

me love you long time lol a japanese restaurant should have it right?

I got mine from the asian market in Wilmington off kirkwood highway. Its in the little shopping center behind KFC and Applebees by the best buy and ford dealership, sorry I don’t remember the name or address. Definitely the same stuff and you get 100 sheets like stated for the same price, its the exact same stuff, my tangs, angels and even triggers loved it. Sorry I don’t know anything in middletown, I’d just google any asian/korean/japanese grocery store/market

is that szechuan?

I think it’s Korean, it’s been a couple years since I’ve been there, might not even be around anymore.

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is that szechuan?[/quote]


We have asian store here in Dover as well, it’s by the AF base. I can get address if you want

Anyone know someone who has lost a job in this economy? Anyone see any value in buying products from an American based companies?

Products in asian stores may add preservatives or spices to their food at any point and they don’t have a put a massive sticker on the product or sign on the shelf to warn you it is no longer safe for fish. You likely save a dollar a month if you go to an asian store(if that much) unless your massively overfeeding your animals or have a heck of a lot of surgeon fish in your tank. A package of seaveggies should last a long time.

If you really need to save $12 a year perhaps pass up that $15 mystery frag you aren’t even sure what it is or if you can take care of it and save up and buy a the expensive $5 package of fish food or the $4 container of flake food.

I understand taking a second look at buying a $200 skimmer or a $500 lighting system, but some things really aren’t worth the time.

I really don’t understand the first part of the rant there Jon, these are Asian stores in the US and are supporting a local economy more then likely buying Norri / Kelp from local distributors or buying direct from the west coast.
I do see the part about labeling and quality control but that could be said for anyone buying food from co-op and the such sometimes you have to trust that when is says organic and unseasoned that it is.

Jon I didn’t know all of your corals, fish, inverts and live rock all came from Florida’s reefs?

You misunderstood what I was saying. Is there a big made and America sticker on the product you’re buying Hudzon? Or are you not sure because you can’t read the writing? I’m not talking about buying from a store with Americans working in it, but buying a product produced by an American company.

I think co-op produce is a bit different then something placed into a marine aquarium. If a farmer used a little pesticide you won’t die, actually you’ll probably be perfectly fine. Obviously corals are a bit more sensitive then we are. We strive for 0ppm TDS RODI, but roll the dice with foods to save a couple of dollars(literally).

Jeff you’re a smart … but to answer your question I buy any animal I can aquacultured in America. Many are raised in Maryland or Pa, so actually less of a carbon footprint then Florida. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what you keep now but I’ve seen flame angels, purple tangs, snowflake eels just to name a few in your tanks. Regardless, you got my point, we got yours. In this economy I think it’s more to help fellow hobbyists out about saving a few bucks so he/she can keep going with hobby, not lecture about where products come from.