Next Club meeting (CANCELLED)

I would like to know if the club will be willing to hold a meeting at my house. The purpose of the meeting would be to look over my tank and give constructive criticism on how my tank operates and what could make it better. I’ll take care of food and beverages. I think this could turn into a great learning experience for all of us reefers. Every couple of months have a member do the same. Give me pros and cons of this idea and will I help the club in general.

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I think this is a great idea! Thanks for volunteering your place. Do you have a date in mind?
I could probably do the following month at my house.

Not a bad idea. Where are you located at?

I live in Bear De 19701. I work 3rd shift so I don’t get up until around 6:00pm. During this is a problem for me to hold a meeting(I could call in sick) on a week night. How does everyone feel about a Saturday for these meetings at a members home. Just getting a feel for this. Definitely would like to do this some time in March. And remember FREE RBTA for anyone that shows up, haha.

Great idea Mike and thanks for volunteering.

A Sat works for me.

Saturday’s are usually good for me

Come on club members. Where are you? Are you interested in keeping this club going. Then let’s starting making this club worth something… we are trying to help out fellow reefers to keep this hobby as a way to sustain the reefs around the world. By giiven information on tanks and equipment to help us keep our hobby growing. We are only a little part. But I think it worth it. What about you? Let’s trade and swap what we have. And learn from each other. Let’s do our part. Sign up.

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I would possibly be able to attend evening meets. Work has been busy for me so my schedule is unpredictable. I have a hard time even scheduling people for coral pick ups I usually just have them come to my shop.

I know that some of us have busy schedules. I understand , I have my limitations also. But this club was bigger when I joined a few years ago it. I was a nubee. It seem like there are a chosen few who try to keep it going. Thanks you for volunteering. I’m sure that some members just don’t look at the site very often. But if this is going to help in general we have to do something to keep the interest up as a group.what can we as a club to spark interest in our hobby? And to our group. I’m trying to reach out to another organization to come to our meeting to generate intrest. I hope it can work.

Could try posting on the Facebook group

Hey @MarineMike5, thanks for offering! Unfortunately, Facebook has cannibalized a lot of our forum traffic.

Let’s make this happen. We can post it on Facebook so others will see it there too. Let us know how many people you’re comfortable having over and the date/time.

I should be able to make it

Adam put it on Facebook. I’m looking Saturday March 21, About 12:00 noon. I can adjust if need be. Any suggestions will be fine. If any one has a problem with that date or time let me know. We are flexible enough to change it. Thanks reefers. I can acomidate about 20 reefers. I don’t care if it’s more let’s have a good time and party.

March 24? Isn’t that a Tuesday? I don’t see many making it on a Tuesday

I’m sorry not March 24. Should be march 21. Thank you for correcting me. Changes on post made

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Posted on Facebook…

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it. We are scheduled to be at a conference in Dallas that weekend, but lots of conferences getting cancelled these days so we shall see if we actually go or not. I’d love to come see your tanks!

@MarineMike5 got a question if someone can bring their 2 year old…

Yes they may. No problem.


Adam, where can I find our Facebook postings?