Ocellaris clown fish for sale

Tanks raised by Barb $15 each, Wilmington

Could you guys hold onto a couple for me. I’m setting up the 33 and I’ll be glad to take 2 off your hands when I get it set up.

No problem, we have 60 or 80 of them ready to go

Chris, how big are they and do you think they’ll work with my 2 maroons??

They are about 1", around 10 months old.

The maroons would kill them unless you put them in a very large tank.

Well there in my 180 but I have a small 30 that I’m setting up after it’s done I’ll get a couple from ya.

No problem, just let me know when you are ready

Just a bump, We have plenty. they just keep doing their thing :BEER

[quote=“Chris_Barb, post:8, topic:1478”]
Just a bump, We have plenty. they just keep doing their thing :BEER[/quote]

Bow chica bow wow


Aright, rock bottom price of $10 each. Thats as low as we go.

You see so much talk of the importance of captive breeding on all the forums but what good is the talk when people who actually do it cant sell them lOl

These exact same fish have sold in your same LFS’s for $25 plus. We refuse to give them to the LFS for $4 and then see them sell them for $25+ when we do all the hard work.

Heres a photo of what we grow

Any interest please post publicly. I dont get PM’s notifications here for some reason. Or i can be contacted here anytime

cool Pic.! Are those guys swimming over one of your clams in the background? Fish and clams playing together! Oh my! what a wurld…

we sell them for 15, and always offer half store credit fo ANY trade ins… (just fyi, if u needed to free up some space) @ The Fish Bowl in dover

do you still have any? i am looking for a pair

if you do still have them i could use three or at least 1

Sure, we still have about 75 that are ready to go and smaller ones that wont be ready for another month or so. Im sending both of you a PM

i will take 2. where are you located and is saterday good for you. i will be up to kapt kens sometime saterday if you are up newark way

Im in North Wilmington but i can probably meet you down that way.

hey sent you a pm… north wilm isn’t far for me at all

Still have some available if anyone is interested.