pics under new led's

Everything looks great, ::thumbsup:: let us know how the corals and clams respond.

Nice looking corals, Dunk. Looks like some of them have been doing good for a long time. You know i get jealous of people who can keep a fine white sand bed. for some reason, mine always get gunked up.
The lights look good. not blue overdose.

thanks ken the sand bed does get that red stringy stuff, but has been a lot better i cleaned it two weeks ago, every time i clean it it takes longer to build up. My picture taking is horrible they are all out of focus plus can’t capture the color. All is growing pretty good some very good

mr coral frags the white ones are still alive most have gained color back
top down shot the green blob is a strawberry shortcake from dr. mac

a bad pic of the blue tip acro from A

mr coral top down

dr mac teal green coral

lighting looks great Tim. Corals color look different? brighter more vivid?

lookin good

yes bill will keep all updated. Yes A much better color pop and a whiter look while the daylight vho’s are on. I now have three modes to watch the only thing i noticed on the negative side is my anemone closed up in like a ball when it was just the led’s ramping down. I don’t have much led on the nem at all mostly on the other side of the tank so i’ll keep a close on on it.

i just saw the tank up close. it’s much nicer than its freaky owner can take pictures of. there’s a purple bonsai that’s mind boggling, strawberry shortcake, and some other acros too.
the led lighting is a great improvement. the yellow tint that you never noticed before is gone, and you can tell it’s gone b/c the color is brighter, crisper, and sharper, not really whiter, just more intense. if we ever do another set of tank pics like was done with ellen’s tank, it should be tim’s.
i mean how long must we be treated to water movement essays, huh, craig???

lol thanks paul. GolfC well i found out what aggravated the anemone the huge abalone fell into it and it tried to eat it!! it opened up a bit and i dug it out PBJ! seems ok but definitely is shaken up

OMG Dunk!! My boyfriend Josh almost pooped his pants over all of your fluorescence! The clams especially. I love the bubble corals, have any of them?

abcd , the bubble coral might be the mushroom not sure which one. which picture are you talking about?

I didn’t see any bubbles, I just really like them. Obviously, lol.

clams and frogspawn

You were right, frogspawn looks pretty damn cool. Any metallic candy canes? I reeeeally like those clams, too.

I have candycanes with a bright green center

tank looks really great. You are gonna love the LED’s. Nice job.

So far I love them. Thanks!

Clams look real nice under those. ::thumbsup::