Price and availability on a large clown trigger?

I have a couple of stores looking into a large clown trigger for me. 6" would be nice, but anything 4" and above I would take (please no jokes on that comment guys lOl ). Any ideas? I know you guys are having a sale soon, someone couldn’t keep a secret, haha. Would love to pick it up then!


I would also recommend sending an e-mail to the store. I know Charlie checks his e-mail daily but doesn’t get on here quite as often. Use the “Special Orders” e-mail link off the web site.

Sounds good, thanks Craig!

Tried sending an email several times, no luck. It kept getting returned saying the address wasn’t correct? Hopefully they can get one in for their black Friday sale!

thanks for the heads up on the e-mail link. I will check it now.

DPA host was doing some annual maintenance earlier, and I couldn’t get through to the site … that might have been the cause of the email thing too … just a thought.

Had to be something odd. I double checked all email links and they’re correct. Sent test e-mails and everything went through just fine.

i think jeff got bit by the server maintenance thing … that’s why i brought it up … sorry for the hijack.

No hijack ronert! Thanks, that must have been it. I will try to resend the email again today. Thanks everyone for the help! Hopefully DPA can get in a nice clown trigger for friday! PBJ!

Still didnt work!!! My email keeps getting returned! Its correct? I don’t know what’s up. I texted Jon tho, hopefully he can relay the message to Charlie. Hopefully they can get a nice sized clown trigger for the sale Friday!

[quote=“DamnPepShrimp, post:10, topic:873”]
Still didnt work!!! My email keeps getting returned! Its correct? I don’t know what’s up. I texted Jon tho, hopefully he can relay the message to Charlie. Hopefully they can get a nice sized clown trigger for the sale Friday![/quote] looks like you have an extra c in there.

Whoops, makes sense. Thanks Craig.

Ok, well I went over to Glenns tonight and got some info and pics. I will upload the pictures soon. Here is the questionaire (with a little translation)

Name & Username:
Glenn Martin II - martinfaimly

Years of Experience:
Going on 3 years now

Other Pets:

Size of Tank:
90 reef

Type of Tank:
Mixed Reef

What kinds of fish do you keep?
Sailfin Tang, 2 Clowns, Fire Fish, Lawnmower Blenny, Yellow Watchman Goby, Blue Damsel, Green Big Headed Goby, Banggai Cardinal, Pink Dimond Goby, Bumblebee Goby.

What kinds of coral do you keep?
5 colors of mushrooms, two different colors of both hairy and umbrella mushrooms, a few different leathers, kenya tree, sea lettuce (cabbage leather), red and orange Monti cap., bubble coral, Monti digita, frogspawn, toadstool, brain coral, candy cane, zoanthids, acropora.

What kinds of inverts do you keep?
cleaner shrimp, 4 different star fish, sally light foot crabs,peperment shrimp, snails and hermits of all kinds, conchs.

What is your favorite fish?
I love clown tangs but dont own one at the moment. One day when i have room.

What is your oldest fish?
Was a mono but it outgrew the tank and was returned to lfs. I had him for 2 1/2 yrs.

What is your favorite coral?
My bubble coral

What is your oldest coral?
The finger leather which is in the front left corner.

Do you have a piece that you would consider to be the centerpiece, or maybe a piece you would like to grow out as a centerpiece?
I have had my leather since I started. It was a very small frag, about the size of pencil in diameter and only 1 1/2 inches tall. I have never fraged this due to wanting it as a center piece and to see how large it will grow.

What kind of lighting do you use?
Dual 175 watt metal hailides and 4 40 watt florescent bulbs. 2 are marine glows and 2 are 50/50’s.

What do you use primarily for filtration?
At the moment I am still running my all in one TOM rapids sump wet dry but will be building a sump eventually. I may have to wait untill I do my basement fishroom however.

What do you feed and how often?
Shrimp, clams, cubed foods of different vatietys, some liquid coral foods. I feed daily with cubes. I feed my brain and bubble coral about twice weekly. The other corals get a turkey basting once to about twice a week.

Where do you try to keep your water parameters?
I mainly let tank balance itself with water changes and only add a little kalk mix every evening.

What kind of salt mix do you use?
Get tanked untill I run out then back to instant ocean.

How often do you do water changes?
About every two weeks at about 10 %

What kinds of testing equipment do you use?
Honestly I only test about once a month and I use the API reef master test kit.

What do you feel is your most important piece of equipment?

What other equipment do you use?
I have a closed loop system with a mag 7 pump with a scwd. I am also running 2 koralia 4’s, a hob filter that I am using as a fuge and my hob overflow rated at 600 gph.

Do you have any advice for someone new to the hobby?
Yes I do. Get out while there still time. LoL seroiusly though, this hobby takes time. The only thing that happens fast in this hobby are the bad things. You must be willing to devote a lot of time and paitence. I believe we all started out with the dream of setting up a tank and weeks later seeing very large corals in our living room. Also do a lot of planning on the inital set up, location, sump of your tank to help eliminate the constant reconfiguring of components. Take your time and really enjoy the hobby…

What is your oldest fish?
Was a mono??

Its a large silvery fish… not sure what the real name is. Yellowish fins and dimond shaped body.

Mono pretty much is the common name. They are in the family Monodactylidae. Pretty much considered a brackish fish and usually sold as such, but many LFS sell brackish fish as marine fish.(Brackish costs them less and when sold as marine fish can be sold for more) Not typically considered reef safe.

Here is an article that talks about them in marine aquariums mid way down:

Looks good Icy. I can’t wait to see the pics.

Is there a reason this is all in caps?

Soon as you get the pics up we’ll get it on the main page.


When Glenn first started talking about his Mono I was like, “WTF isn’t that a brackish fish”, but I digged around and they can be kept at full marine salinity. Just not typically a reef safe animal.

Pics uploaded to the photobucket acct. Glen gave me some to upload that his GF took, and those are up along with some that I took. There is one really good FTS there, and I got some close ups of the corals. I couldnt seem to get one of his Sailfin tang because the darn thing NEVER stops moving. I figure we can put our tank up and we should have everything finalized for Glenn’s tank before the beginning of next month.

Not sure how your camera is shaped or works exactly, but if you can put the lens against the glass focus on a certain area it swims by often, and use the flash(which forces a fast shutter speed) then you may have a good chance of getting a clean image of the fish. Never chase it around with the camera. Even with all that it is never really easy to get clear images of a fish that never stops. Blennies are a lot easier… Though I have never took a great image of my Sand “Perch” which you would think would be simple. I have a ton of blurred images of it’s tail though!

Thanks for taking care of this Bellamy. I know you are busy, but these too articles will be great to have up.

Yeah, I plan on making a better effort of it after friday… I need pay day to roll around so that I can pick up a cheap tripod. I think that will help to get clearer pictures, and along with a good lens (ie. magnifying glass) I am going to be trying my hand at some macro shots. I also got to figure out some sort of white thing that I can lower into tanks to manually set the white balance with. I am getting better at that, but its still not true to what it looks like.