Rosti's Coral Reef Ecosystem

This is an upgrade to 72g bb I started 2 years ago. This is my dream tank and promised my wife that this is the last tank I ever buy. I didn’t say I couldn’t build one :P. I will post it’s progress from the beginning, so stay tuned……
Btw, it is a Marineland 150 Gallon Extra High Monterey Super System, 48" x 24" x 30" high Aquarium with Corner-Flo Filtration, 516W Marineland Pro Lighting 24-Hour Lighting System. I got it from DPA, my 72g is for sale at DPA.

This I will be watching! :BEER


 I love that note.

that is a tall tank!!! awesome cant wait to watch it grow up hahaha

Tank started on 5/13/2010, DSB SPS tank!

First, reef support structure was build on bottom using existing live rock from my 2yo BB 72g tank. About 100+ lbs or rock was used to support 2 columns. Than I used Ocean Direct Oolite sand to build 1inch, every 24 hours. This allows live forms that are in rock to migrate into substrate and not been smothered by sand. 6-6 ½ was installed week later and tank was filled using tropic marin pro salt. Sand bad activation kits were acclimated from Indo-Pacific Sea Farms and Inland Aquatics.

Fish from old tank were added 3 weeks later. This shot was taken on 6/5/10
Few pieces of live rock were left to incorporate into main reef structure. BRS dry rock was ordered!

I got 100 lbs BRS dry rock, now fun begins! YahoO This rock is very easy to aquascape with , every piece locks into other. I used reef epoxy to epoxy both structures and after epoxy hardened I let each structure to soak in old water change water for 24h. Than both structures were lowered into 2 islands created in sand bed. 6/20/2010
Next I need to work on adding more circulation and top off.


Current fish are:
Yellow Tang - Hawaii (Zebrasoma flavescens) 2yo
Cleaner Common Wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) 1mo
Kole Yellow Eye Tang (Ctenochaetus strigosus) 1mo
Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loriculus) 2yo
Koran Angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) 1yo
Yellowtail Damselfish (Chrysiptera parasema) 2yo Cycled my first 72g tank :GOLD)
Six Line Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) 1yo
Ocellaris Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) 2yo






Interesting selection of fish. It looks like a reef growing from the sand, for them.

Do you have a plenum under the sand? Im partial to plenum sand beds for denitrating. but you can’t use fine sand with a plenum. Plenums need a calibrated grain size of 2-4 mm to allow it to breath a little. just enough for nutrient transport and denitrating. Just my preference. but a semi deep fine sand bed is good too. lots of reefers use them effectively. the key factor for both is, keep as much open sand surface as possible. to allow difusion.

Looking good!

Thank Ken, no plenum. Pure 6in DSB. About year ago I came across study done by Ron Shimek on DSB applications and its benefits. I purchased his book DSB secrets and after reading his work I desided my next tank will be DBS and SPS. Grain has to be less than .6 mm, less the better. And you are correct about footprint of sand bed surface area. Thats the reason I went with 2 separate islands for aquascape. I invision SPS will hang of the cliffs and make nice display. The reason for no plenum is I wanted DSB to produce natural food for SPS.

Current fish are:
One Spot Foxface (Siganus unimaculatus) 2mo old
Naso Tang (Naso lituratus) 1mo old





Looks sweet… love the pillars

Eshopps Refugium 36" x 14" x 16", 1 in refuge mud with 4 species of macro algae. Return pump is Maxi-Jet 5500 Submersible Utility Water Pump.
Skimmer is Red sea C-Skim 1800 Deluxe Protein Skimmer with it’s own feed and aeration pumps. 65w lamp on 24h.

Evaporated water is replaced with 5g kalkwasser drip, uses 1g a day. Cal and alk supplemented using Seachem Reef Fusion 1â„¢ and Reef Fusion 2â„¢ 30 ml each a day. It keeps cal at 440-460 and alk at 11-12.
Also DT’S Live Marine Phytoplankton Premium Reef Blend 30 ml feed daily.
Water change schedule was adjuster 2 weeks ago, with help and convincing of few club members, to 15% weekly using Tropic Marin Bio Actif Sea Salt.

Water movemen are by Ecotech Marine Vortech, 2 MP40’s and 1 MP20, synced on reefcrest mode.


2 month old update, all doing great. Some SPS frags are added, I will list later.

I can confirm claims by Tropic Marine and posts on RC that after regular use of Tropic Marin BIO-ACTIF SEA SALT water becomes extremely clear, skimmer output doubled and corals feed/extend much better!






Tank really looks nice. GolfC

Have to say this tank looks far more impressive in person. Rosti has a very nice set up so far.

Mange to get close up pics of that one coral? I’m pretty sure it’s glaxia.

[quote=“Gordonious, post:15, topic:2892”]
Mange to get close up pics of that one coral? I’m pretty sure it’s glaxia. [/quote]

Thanks Bill, I have to give special thanks to Jon for this beautiful Montipora Capricornis, I love it, wife loves it, and it’s a good thing. Fox face instantly made it’s own home, under it.
Note Koran is getting cleaned by shimp, I just noticed it.

I started stocking SPS.
Acropora sp. “Red Planet Table Coral Frag” (ORA)

Seriatopora hystrix “Hyacinth Bird’s Nest Frag” (ORA)


“Hyacinth”, the word I will never learn to pronounce, correctly.