Round 2!!

Well time has come to say bye to you guys for round 2 in the sandbox.  Tasked out for 200 days in Afghanistan.  Thank you all for your support with the tanks the past 2 years I've been home, you guys/gals are great, couldn't ask for a better group of people. 

God willing, I’ll see you all at the end of october. ::thumbsup::

Thanks again,

Good luck and God speed Casey!!

+1 Goodluck and Godspeed bud!

Good luck! and we’ll see you when you get back Casey. Need anything just let me know. I know how it is being away from your family.

Good luck Casey!!! See you in Oct!

Good luck Casey and a safe return home, and thanks for serving.

My fam and I wish you the best. See you when it starts to get cold again!

[quote=“mortyn02, post:7, topic:7231”]
See you when it starts to get cold again! [/quote]

I’m sure that made him feel better - LOL!

God speed brother - I’m going to grow out some frags for you for when you get home.

::rofl:: ::rofl:: ::rofl::

I was trying

The best of luck to you Casey and thank you for your service!

good luck let me know if you need any help while away be safe. FUSION when you get back lol

Have a safe trip Casey! We look forward to seeing you again when your tour is complete.

Thank you all for your support. So far our flights been pushed out twice and looking at a 24hr departure from original time. Sitting in VA watching the clock.

Todd, ill hold ya to that on the frags hahaha. JK
Tim, fusion it is brother, get that token slot in the mean time.

I gotchu man, no worries.

Where in VA are you? If you’re in Norfolk or Newport News and have some time, there’s a few LFS around you. Buy them and ship those mugs home brother - lol.

Rolling out of this joint @2, but I’m in norfolk.

Norfolk airport sucks. It’s all brown inside… I can’t even count the number of times I’ve flown in and out of there.

At the naval station, still sounds like what your describing though hahaha.

I guess I didn’t read before I post in the other thread. I know the feeling, hurry up and wait! At least you got to use the USO computer. LOL

Hell nah man, we are in billeting with free wifi.