Things for sale! Cleaning out.

Hey guys,

Thinking about taking a break from the hobby for a little and wanted to see if anyone was interested in my 50gl rimless setup. Would like to sell as a whole if I follow through.
Heres the link to what it is and what i have with it.
Thanks everyone


Casey I would like the corals that I picked up from Jim,let me know how much

H&S 150 skimmer, german built, rated for 250+ gallon. Thing is a beast and skims like no other. Paid 550 will take 300.

If i decide to part the tank out i will let you know and you have first dibs on corals.


Hey guys i cleaned out the garage today and found some stuff others may be able to use. Asking 10 for the light, 30 for the pump (need propeller, only 10 from the factory), and 40 for the overflow box ( needs u tube for suction. stepped on it today verdict_in).

Feel free to text me if you have any questions. 7045306161


Also have maxspect 120W led light fixture for sale. Paid 499. Will take 200.

Is it the razor?

No its the g2 also its the 110w version.

Ran across a 3ft T-5, 6 bulb fixture. Works great, 1 fan needs to be fixed or replaced, tends to get hung up after on for a while. Will take $25.

Also getting rid of my oceanic nano cube. Its been neglected lately, just havent had time for it. Great little tank, does not come with the maxspect light thats on it but can work out something if you want it. Asking $100 to anyone on here.

I’m interested in the 36" T5 fixture. What’s the brand of fixture? What wattages are the bulbs? Where are you located and when are you available so I can take a look?

Any luck selling the tank? Still waiting eagerly for the live stock YahoO

haha nope no luck. Not really pushing the tank but if someone came along wanting the whole setup id let it go. Some of the frags i got have washed out but some are doing great.

Will let you know.

T5 lighting is made by Current USA. Mortyn, text me 7045306161. Will be home all day tomorrow.

I am assuming the 36 light is HO? if so, Please put me in line for it after Mortyn

Theres someone in front of you but if they both fall through i will get back to you. I Have a maxspet LED setup for sale also if interested it that.

I have 2 of these lights also for sale

[quote=“beadlocked450r, post:17, topic:6508”]
I have 2 of these lights also for sale[/quote]
The T5 or LED?

T5 sold.

[quote=“Scottman81, post:18, topic:6508”]

[quote=“beadlocked450r, post:17, topic:6508”]
I have 2 of these lights also for sale[/quote]
The T5 or LED?[/quote]