TimH07 - me again, building a 75g/55 sump system now..

i have a 26 gallon bow front and decided its time to up it to a real reef <

i picked up this 75g from DE premium aquatics (thanks charlie)

i broke down my 55g freshwater tank and am making it my sump, i got .220" thick acrylic and had it cut and siliconed it in for baffles, hope it holds.

Great job! That is pretty much the same project I’m doing/have been for the past ummm 3 months? lol

i used a 2.8 oz of aquarium safe silicone tube per baffle, i really hope it holds, im thinking of reinforcing each before i water test it, but it seems pretty strong, i think the key is to equalize the water from the get-go. as in pour a pint of water in each section so you dont over stress the silicone, once its filled, it should be ok.

and as for your 3 months, another person i post with says, rome wasnt built in a day, neither is a reef… good philosphy

ps it seems these photos get cut off on the right for some reason i dunno

 Very nice tank I was checking that one out last week.  ;D

Thats a nice tank and stand. i think I saw it at the store. It looks good, and somehow still lite on its feet. Great sump build. the silcone seams look professional. should be just fine! plenty of strenght in silicone joints. Remember, they only hold the pressure of the difference of water level between chambers.

just ordered a magdrive 9.5 and a current usa nova extreme pro 6 bulb 48" fixture.

update, ive created a fan tray that will hold 2 fans in the sump for cooling.
stole the idea from melvsreef.com i think it was.

sloppy work here but i did it with a metal jigsaw while pouring water on the bit and in a hurry too

now i need to figure out how to hook these up on a toggle switch (any ideas??)

Why a toggle switch?

I would straight splice the leads to an appropiate sized AC/DC wall transformer and plug the transformer into the same timer as your lights.

i need to find a 115v ac wall wire to splice it into is the problem, and the toggle so that i can turn them off in the winter when they are not needed.

No, you just need to pick up a transformer. Cut the female end off that would plug into the device and staight splice the two leads to your fans. The transfomer will plug into the wall. No need for anything else. I also wouldnt use a toggle switch. Just unplug it for the winter or tie it into a 69 cent wall switch with a mountable gang enclosure.

a transformer would change the 115v into 9v or so, i have a few for various things, this fan is a strictly ac fan, the standard ac output of a wall jack is 115v, all i need to cut a wire and splice it from what ive read now.

correct me if im wrong.

eitherway tommorow i’ll ask my electrical engineer friend, i just dont want to call so late lol

Oh, sorry, i assumed they were DC fans from the leads. Usually when you see two black leads with battery terminals its a safe bet that they are DC. Just as easy either way. You can buy a male plug for about $3 at lowes and some 15amp lamp cord for about 25 cents a foot. The only thing you will need is a screwdriver, two butt splices, and some electrical tape. Just make sure they are AC for sure and double check to see if they are polarized.

so i cut an old VCR power cable and spliced the fans to it, plugged it in, viola! it works perfectly, and you cant even hear the fans at all, only the wind


and my magdrive 9.5

she’s ready for plumbing once i get a hand setting the stand over the sump and tank on it, they will be in the corner you see the sump sitting on with the overflow facing that wall.

im like a kid at christmas lol

well its water tight, and running!

and the mag 9.5 is perfect, i didnt even have to restrict the flow :BEER

lookin good!! have u tested a power failure/overflow scenario? just wondering if the sump has enough space to hold the water that will drain from the d/t if the pump ever does stop running for whatever reason…

not only did i test it, but ironicly i bought a drilled tank for that reason, last night i filled the tank, and today the tornado/hail storm outted the power. lol

the tank is holding 115gallons right now also :BEER

WOW! It looks… Uhhh…BLUE!! and that Mag 9 should really move some water.

thanks to DamnPepShrimp on here for my new rock, its not aquascaped but here it is!!

Nice rock!