Virtual Meeting and Tank Tour


Since we had to cancel our last meeting, you’re all probably feeling like you need to get your reef fix in somehow like I am. I got an awesome suggestion from @SizzleFun to do a virtual meeting and tank tour. What an awesome idea!

The way we are thinking it would work is we will use a Zoom meeting for a live meeting, but also record it so folks can watch it later if they miss it live. General idea is one person will give a tour of their tank that meeting from top to bottom. We’ll talk about lights, filtration, fish, corals, feeding, everything! Then we can just chat for a bit.

Who is interested? Any volunteers to provide a tour?

Tour Volunteers:
Meeting 1:

Meeting 2:

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Count me IN. I would to be the first guinepig"


What is Zoom and how does it work?

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Awesome! You’re first on the list :slight_smile:

Zoom is a video conferencing program. You can use it on your phone or computer. It makes it really easy to hold a meeting where you can see and hear everyone. Anyone can opt not to turn their camera on if they would like to call in and watch, but not be seen.

Thanks for the reply Adam. Sounds like a great idea. I’m assuming it is a free app

Yep! It is free. iPhone, Android, PC or Mac.

Yes. You can use it on your PC or phone. Anyone is welcome to PM me if they need help setting it up.

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I would like to participate.

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Looks like we’ve got some great interest. How about next Saturday (4/11)? 1:00p?

Sounds like fun. I will definitely try to tune in.

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Just created my zoom acct. already to try this out.

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Next Saturday at 1 pm sounds good to me. Hopefully everyone participating has a camera filter to help show off their tank. Is there a time frame/structure you have in mind, Adam? For example…15 minutes for each volunteer to talk about their tank/livestock followed by 5 minutes of questions after each presentation?

That’s a good question. I haven’t really thought about it too much yet. That’s a good idea though. I’ll write something up for everyone to keep in mind. We’ll plan for 3 people during this meeting and then we can do another if we get more people together.

This is a great Idea, I will try to be available on Saturday but may be stuck working outside that day.
If I can’t tune one I would love to watch the recording .

I would also like to participate in a future meeting to potentially video my tank

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Getting an early jump. Ok how does this zoom work. What do I need to do on my end first.

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You’ll need to download Zoom onto your PC or phone. The instructions are below. Once you have the app installed I can PM my contact information if you would like to test it out. As mentioned you can use either the video or just the audio for a meeting.

There are a few ways to start a meeting. You can start a meeting with one of your contacts or start a generic meeting and send everyone a link. When you are dealing with a larger group it tends to be easier just to send everyone the link rather than add them all to your contacts.


Thanks for sharing that @SizzleFun!

We’re going to do a private Zoom meeting. I’ll send everyone (who says they want to join the meeting) an email with the link and password needed to join.

Adam, who is doing their tank first. If it’s not me that’s ok. Just need to know. I’m not that good on computers, I pads etc. just let me know.maybe someone who knows this stuff should go first? Whatever. My wife is very good at this stuff. So I could get by.

I’m interested also, but is there a reason it is only being limited to 3 people?

@SizzleFun is going to go first. It was his idea to do the meeting and he’s familiar with Zoom, so it should help get everyone else familiar with the process.

Great! I added you to the list. I figured 3 people doing a tour per meeting made sense. It’s open to as many people who want to join in as we can get. Just 3 presenters. If that goes well, we could do more for the next meeting.