Virtual Meeting and Tank Tour

I want to add, you do NOT need to have an account with Zoom to join the meeting. You can just join with the link we are providing.

Thanks Adam, that made it very clear.

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I just sent a PM to everyone who expressed an interest in joining the meeting. If you want to join today, but didn’t get the PM please post here and I’ll send you the information. We are not posting it publicly so we avoid anyone joining and disrupting (it’s become a thing recently).

Guide for Tour Guides
These are just some general tips for those of you showing us your tanks

  1. If you have a Orphek or similar lens that helps you take better pictures without getting totally blue images, please use it! Clean your tank glass too :slight_smile: If you have a look down box, this would be a great time to use it!
  2. You will have 15 minutes to tell us about your tank (give or take a few minutes). We want to know all about your setup! Show us your sump, your lights, your custom stand, your awesome thing that is unique to your system. Of course, we want to see inside your tank!
  3. Things you might want to be prepared to talk about: how old is your tank, how long have you been in the hobby, what’s your favorite “thing” in your tank?

This is supposed to be fun, nothing is set in stone. Just wanted to give some thoughts and ideas so you can be prepared. I’m looking forward to getting my reef on later!

Does anyone know how to get a camera filter for my iphone 10x to cut down on the blue when using just the blue LEDs?

The Orphek lens kit is great.

You can get it here from Amazon:

ORPHEK LENS – 2020 Kit for Smartphones – 4 Included: Macro, CPL 37mm Polarized, 15,000k Orange, 20,000k Yellow – For ALL smartphone models: iphone, samsung, huawei, google pixel, tablets and more!

I know John at @Frags2Fishes had them in store at one point. Don’t see them on his site though. Might be worth dropping him a note.

That was awesome! Thanks again @SizzleFun, @MarineMike5, and @Jessica for sharing your tanks. They all look fantastic. #reefgoals

We’re going to plan to hold another meeting in the near future just like this one and do some more tank virtual tank tours. Please let me know if you’d like to show off your system. I’ll post the video from the meeting in just a bit for those of you who couldn’t make the meeting today.

Here’s the video of the meeting! It’s currently hosted on my website (having some trouble with YouTube), but I’ll swap it over when they start working again. Enjoy!


Really enjoyed seeing the tours of the tanks, very interesting, and all your tanks look great. Looking forward to seeing the 180 gal build, please post pics of future progress.
Big thanks to our Pres for getting this all together.


When is the next one?