Virtual Tank Tours (Take 2!) - May 9 @ 3:00P


Our first all virtual tank tour meeting was a success! We’re going to try and make this a regular thing going forward. You can find the video from the last meeting here.

We’re going to have three people give a tank tour at each meeting. I’m looking for one more volunteer for our next meeting. As of right now tank tours will be given by:


This meeting will be on Saturday, May 9 @ 3:00P on Zoom. We’ll send out the meeting information just before the meeting to those who sign up. There’s no limit to attendees, but we don’t want anyone to use the link to disrupt the meeting.

Attendees (in addition to the presenters):

It’s on my calendar! Looking forward to it!

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I’d be happy to volunteer to show my tank.

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You’ve got it @TheProfessor!

I’m excited for another virtual tank tour in 4 days! We will be using Zoom for the meeting once again, I think it worked out well.

If you are going to join (or even think you might) please let me know so I can add you to the PM with the sign in details.

Today’s the day! I’ll be sending Zoom info via PM later this morning. See you all soon!

We’re gonna reschedule this for a few weeks from now. Please still let us know on this thread if you can join or are interested so you’ll get updates.

Sorry I had to cancel my tank tour, something came up that took me away from home most of the day on Saturday. I still want to participate on doing the video tour on the next date. Is it possible to set the time for a little later in the afternoon?

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Sure, we can do later. 3p?

That’s fine as long as it works for the members too


It’s fine with me.

Gah, this whole posts must be 20 characters long requirement is annoying

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Yeah, I’ve been hit with that 20 character thing too. I’ll drop it to 10. It’s designed to prevent random nonsense posts, like “OK.”

What date should we shoot for?

I’m flexible so whatever works for others should be good for me.

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How does May 9th, 3pm fit for everyone?

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That works for me.

Should be good for me. That’s my last day of being 51.


I’m good for watching. It should be fun.

Ok, May 9 it is.

Not sure how but I didn’t see this thread until today. I would have missed the second tour had it been 4/25. Was there anything in Facebook about it like the last one?

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I should be able to make this as I’m off this day

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