Yes... I am completely stupid.

Well, I went to start my sump build for my 75g reef using a 20g long and ran into a big problem. I can’t get the tank under the stand lOl. I’m not sure what to do except look for a smaller tanks, but I don’t want to go a whole lot smaller :-(". Any good sumps premade that would fit under a standard 75g stand with the center brace still installed? Hell, I’ll even take ideas at this point!


What kind of stand do you have? I was able to fit my 20L under my 75g, it was VERY tight but possible. My stand also had a centerbrace.

1 - Take the center brace out (under the tank - front to back)
2 - Lower tank in vertically
3 - Replace center brace

Unless your tank is already up. If so, I have three 20G barrels that you could use as temp holding while you do the above.
a - Put some water in the barrel(s)
b - Move stuff to the barrels
b.1 - Move as much H[sub]2[/sub]O out of the tank as possible (Forgot this part)
c - Remove tank
d - Place sump (1-2-3 above)
e - Assembly is reverse of disassembly

I did this with a 30G. Only problem is if the tank ever has to be taken out. LMK if you need a hand or a better description.

Did the same trying to get a 20long under my 65. Sucks, I went rubbermaid.

There is a way. I had the same problem. It is usually a quick fix. What is the exact dimension you are having a problem with.

The center brace between the doors is getting in the way right? I spent extra to buy a stand without that brace for this exact reason. And even then it’s a close fit.

Have you tried a 29g? It’s taller but a hair shorter if I’m not mistaken. I know I’ve seen other members with a 29 under their 75.

I’m guessing you don’t have these options…but I’ll offer them anyway.

Provided you can remove the 75gallon and the stand is home made. If not sorry, this post is of no help.

I simply removed the brace/legs and notched them so they sit further under so my 55g would fit under the 75g.

My 75g has a centerbrace and i can still wedge in a 20L. I had to play with the angles and it scraped against the inside of the doors but it fit.

Dont feel bad about it not fitting… I built a custom stand for our first 75 and the sump still didnt fit in it… boy did I feel stupid.

I am sure more then half of us have run into the same obsticle. I had to knock the center brace off my new stand to fit my sump in.

My father, uncle, and I built a custom stand at my parents house. to hold two 20longs and a sump… Dementions were perfect for the tanks, but it didn’t fit in the door of the house. We had to chop it in half and bult it together when we got it upstairs, lol. At least it made it easier when it was time to move.

20L and 29g are the same length. I am assuming its the length that is a problem. I would use a regular 20g instead, the rest of the room underneath the stand can be used for an auto top off container. That or try a plastic rubbermaid tub, you could probably smush one in there. Good luck.

Maybe im just retarded, but isnt the 20L a “regular” 20g? I thought they came 20 long and 20 high?

I’ve got to go measure. I thought my 20L was a little longer then my 29g. I think the 20H is the same as the 29g

20Longs base dimensions(L X W) are the same as a 29 and there is some other odd ball larger tank that is something like 34g that has the same base dimensions as well.

20g long 30 x 12½ x 13 Tall
20g high 24 x 12½ x 17 Tall
29g 30 x 12½ x 17 Tall
Not sure about a 34g since the sites I visit don’t list one.
29g 30 x 12 x 18
30g breeder 36 x 18 x 12
30g 36 x 12 x 16
37g 30 x 12 x 22
33g long 48 x 12½ x 13 Tall

Al - Who makes the 33g long? thats a very interesting size. Would make an awesome frag tank and would be very easy to light.

glass cages

of course

[quote=“logans_daddy, post:16, topic:921”]
Would make an awesome frag tank and would be very easy to light.[/quote]
My thought exactly … wonder if GC does group buys … lol

Dont think so, but im 99% sure i will be getting my 300gal from them in the spring. I will probably be driving to the WhitePlains Reptile convention so i could pick up a tank for someone. I probably rent a box truck.